Interview: Strange Creatures’ Tom Peline

Up and coming Glasgow based band Strange Creatures is currently getting ready to release their new album.  The band originally started as a side project for Tom Peline and one of his closest friends, and now band mate, Anton Plott.

The project was inspired by when Tom heard a song while he was working.  “The name was an odd thing.  I was in work one day and Culture Club was playing, this was in October 2014 when I was still in my old band, and I liked the idea of having ‘club’ in a band name and strange creatures club just popped into my head so I texted Anton it saying we should start a side project with this name.”

The Strange Creatures Club was put on hold while Tom focused on his main band at the time.  After his other band had split Tom and Anton decided to give their band another go.

The band decided to change the name though within a year with Tom saying, “We dropped the ‘Club’ part cause we thought Strange Creatures fit us better, being this bizarre mix Of Electro, Goth and Punk, and being a two piece band the name really signifies what we are ‘Strange’.”


Tom says that in a review of one of their shows in Newcastle they were described as, “A darker, more depressing Gothic version of Gary Numan”, which he said they both loved.

After recording their first EP they started to realise their fan base was growing and people wanted to hear them play live. This is when they knew that Strange Creatures was a dream worth pursuing.

Although they have only been together for a year they have managed to accumulate some amazing stories and memories from touring.

Like all bands that go on tour they are starting to build up a collection of funny tales and memories that will last a life time.  “Funny tour stories? There’s too many to tell to be honest. There was a time when we were in a house fire at 3am, the flat below where we were staying at the time was on fire and we didn’t know till it was a full blaze below us.  It was funnier than it sounds. Getting lost happens a lot. Stopping at truck stops in the middle of the night covered in fake blood is always a treat (laughing).   Jumped off a balcony to the stage and fell on my ass.  Also once I fell out a moving car. Tour can be crazy.”

Strange Creatures has also given Tom the opportunity to play with one of his favourite bands and childhood heroes, Aiden, before they decided to disband.  “The Aiden show was fantastic, just so fun and a privilege to have the chance to play alongside heroes.  I remember going to see Aiden as a 13 year old kid at the ABC. When I was 16 my friend who introduced me to Aiden all those years ago tattooed ‘Die Romantic’ on my arm. It was my first tattoo and to get to share the stage with them in adulthood was unreal, never mind the fact that it was there last ever Glasgow show. Even got to join them on stage for their last track and sing ‘World by Storm” with them.  It was crazy.”


With the band having a wide range of musical influences including bands such as The Cure, Joy Division, The Smiths, Kill Hannah, My Chemical Romance, Alkaline Trio and HIM it’s easy to see how they came up with such a unique sound and have elements of all of those who influence them.

“We have toured with so many great bands and we have never been on a tour we didn’t enjoy.”

“It’s always a treat we when get to play a show with AshestoAngels or DEAD! Over the years they have become great friends plus they are both epic live. We played a show in London with a band called Back Noise and that was epic as well; loved those guys. Anytime William Control wants us on show is always a great time as well.”

Unlike some of those pursuing careers in music, Strange Creature isn’t aiming to be the next big thing and see it more as a lifestyle. “What we want from the band is to be able to tour as our job. We don’t want the crazy rock star millionaire thing; we don’t really care about that.  We just wanna be able to make music and be able to pay our bills and not have to work shitty jobs.”

Strange Creatures new album will be released in February 2017 and the band hope to start touring around the same time.

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